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If you’re looking You’re Still Single for a soul mate. But true love constantly seems to elude you. There are several reasons why you may not be attracting Mr. Perfect.

Between low self-esteem and overly high expectations. Women are particularly adept at jeopardizing potential relationships before they’ve even gotten started. The good news is that you can fix it…

You Don’t Try

You probably enjoy spending your evenings at home in front of the TV. But if that’s the case you have no reason to complain about your celibacy. Strangely enough, Monsieur Parfait isn’t hiding under your bed waiting for the right moment to tear you. Out of your slippers and make your heart skip a beat. If you want to find him, you’re going to have to go to the front line. Yes, that means getting off your couch and socializing. SharekAlomre A TV night at home once in a while isn’t a problem. As long as you leverage your social network and hang out with people as much as possible the rest of the time.

You Are Still Single

You are too picky

Jenny Colgan, author of happily married romantic fiction, offers expert advice for those of you who have a long, detailed checklist against which to assess each potential lover. “Long-term relationships that work well are not made up of common interests, political allegiances, shared beliefs or hobbies. They are made of consideration and attention. Empty the dishwasher. Listen to the other when he talks about his day. Tell him please and thank you. Treat him like anyone you love and admire. It’s easier to say “I’m ready for anything for you” than to take out the trash every night. Get rid of the checklist and start dating with an open mind.

You are too busy

If you really want to find love, stop making excuses like, “I don’t have time to meet new people. or “I have too much work.” Your job takes you to the point that you honestly can’t afford to go out for a drink with a man you’ve just met? Rather, it seems that your hectic life serves as an excuse to avoid any potential intimate relationships. Slow down and find time to date instead of using your job as an excuse not to face your fear of dating.

You are pessimistic – You’re Still Single

It may seem harsh to you, but there’s no point setting up dates if you’re doing it half-heartedly, adopting a negative “I’m never going to meet anyone” attitude. Ok, you’ve had a few bad experiences, and you’ve been met with some rejection. It’s part of the ups and downs, and you have to SharekAlomre.Com be strong enough to overcome it and not be disappointed. Be more optimistic. After all, if you don’t believe someone is waiting for you somewhere, you’ll never find them.

You do too much – You’re Still Single

Focusing all your efforts on looking for a “soul mate” is a common mistake among women. Devoting your time and energy to finding true love is a project that may seem like it deserves your full attention, but you may look desperate. And if you’re too eager to be in a relationship, you’ll end up getting less than you deserve. Have other interests, see your friends, pursue hobbies, and get involved in things for what they bring you and not just because they are in the way of great love.

You are unreachable – You’re Still Single

If you surround yourself with a group of friends as soon as you go out, the man of your dreams will probably not push his way to you to invite you. If you are the one hunting, it is better to go out in a small group of one or two friends, you will be more easily noticed and approached. Likewise, if you walk around with headphones on or with your nose buried in a book, you unwittingly limit the possibilities of being approached and invited. For a change, leave your iPod at home, step out of your bubble and reach out to the world around you. Look more approachable by smiling at strangers, making eye contact with others, and even engaging in conversation.


You fixate on your ex – You’re Still Single

If you talk a lot about your previous relationships on a date, you’re probably not ready to date someone else. Discussions about exes never appeal to a potential partner, and you won’t look your best by saying negative things about them. Make a point of never bringing them up and try to stick to them. Even if you are asked the question, there is always a way to avoid the topic.

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