A woman after 40, and at any other age, is gorgeous … However, the age of 40+ has its own characteristics. A woman still feels like a young girl, but at the same time she has already collected an interesting and significant collection of life experience. Small changes in the figure and appearance are already taking place, but what is this compared to the brightness of the perception of life, with the awareness of one’s exclusivity, with an understanding of one’s goals, prioritization in one’s life and the desire for happiness?! All this gives the illusion of a “second youth”. We are talking about free women, please note, not lonely, but free (from relationships). (See Children no longer take as much time as before, striving for their independence, and time is formed for themselves. Its presence is realized not only in the care of one’s appearance and body, but also leads to reflections and questions, what do I want and how do I want to spend my future life, and with whom?

What are my plans for the future? Kind of relationship experience do I want to have? What direction of self-improvement to choose? A woman already understands that by changing herself, her perception of life and her attitude towards it, individual beliefs and views, she changes life itself. If you want to change your life, start changing yourself.


Woman After Forty:

  • Comes to an understanding of personal responsibility for oneself and one’s life.

Responsibility for your actions and aspirations. Responsibility for choice and decision making. The tactics of finding those responsible for some of the failures and events that have happened in life do not give results. Only the realization of full responsibility LetmeDate for her destiny motivates her to take actions, focus on results, program of actions and goal setting. If a woman has set herself the goal of finding her soul mate in the person of a foreigner and has registered on an international dating site, it is important for her to come to the realization of her responsibility for what is happening and will happen in her life. For choosing the strategy and tactics of communication on the site, for the opportunity to reveal yourself, your individuality and originality.

The Germans say: Two people participate in the tango . ” But only in the countries of Eastern Europe, due to the mentality of men and women, the “dance of acquaintance” should be started by a man. You are chosen. Thus, active search belongs only to a man, he chooses a partner, he is endowed with this right. What about women? I recall the words of a song from the 70s: “Girls are standing, standing on the sidelines, handkerchiefs in their hands, pulling ...” .  .

In Germany, women have the same right to choose a partner as men. And for women, this has its advantages.

You need to come to an understanding of the process – if you are not actively looking for a partner, then you are hoping for an opportunity and you can sit and wait for this opportunity for years. It means that you are not focused on the result, but at the same time you are also lazy. And, of course, inexperienced. review You do not feel sorry for the time of your life in anticipation of the appearance of the “prince”.


Woman After 40

Maybe, after all, it’s better not to blindly trust the case, but to actively participate in the process, choose yourself and write first to the men you like? Remember that in order to find a man suitable for you, you need to go through a large number of options, while each time increasing your chance of success and a long-awaited meeting. “Water does not flow under a lying stone . ” You need to use feedback tactics by changing photos, track the reaction of men to your photos. (Cm.) When meeting a man, be consistent in determining the time of communication, and not act on the principle of “let him languish in anticipation.”

“Language” on the Internet does not help strengthen your position, but, on the contrary, gives chances to those women who confidently go to achieve their goals and understand the specifics of the process of dating and communicating on the Internet. A foreigner judges the degree of seriousness of a woman’s intentions by her constancy in communication. If a woman does not respond to letters for a day or two, this is for him a sign of disinterest in communication or the frivolity of her attitude towards him. For men who are looking for a life partner, time, like you, is priceless. This resource, alas, is not infinite, and men and women after 40 understand this and come to the realization that the time of their lives can no longer be given away in vain, in relationships,

  • Women over 40 already have relationship experience. – woman after 40

What is important is the woman’s attitude to understanding or rethinking her life experience. What mistakes were made in past relationships, what wrong approaches. Were in relationships – selfishness, “playing with one goal”, inattention to a partner, increased demands. Ignoring common goals in a relationship, joint interests, excessive guardianship and control. Manipulation tactics. Without comprehension and understanding of previous mistakes, there is always the possibility of repeating these situations. The so-called “rake dance” effect.


Some women are prevent from arranging. Their personal lives by false beliefs, for example with age. The chances of finding love decrease. All worthy men are already take, and so on. Everything comes from the head. With such settings, the chances of success are low. Positive beliefs and attitude to win, as well as faith in success. The desire to achieve your goal, seeing. The process as a constant movement towards the goal. The meaningfulness of actions attract people, opportunities and favorable circumstances to you.

Be bold! Age is no barrier to happiness! – woman after 40

In Europe, in particular in Germany, the age of love is not a hindrance. People age 40+, 50+, 60+ lead an active lifestyle and of course. If they are single, they actively look for a mate. In newspapers, on the Internet, on dating sites. There are often announcements about the desire to meet. According to our concepts (and only according to ours), older people.

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