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Since its establishment in 1993, claims to be a leader in the online dating world. The site also claims to have offices in New York as well as in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. It asserts to be just the perfect platform to find singles from different nations, cultures, and backgrounds.

Meeting Someone – is the place to meet people from around the world for exciting communication and online companionship. The service increases the chances of members meeting someone new, discovering unique places, exploring new cultures, and doing things they would never have had the chance to do before. It represents a fun and easy way for people to communicate across the globe. At Dating com singles can connect with those who share similar passions, hobbies, and common interests. now covers over 32 countries and offers the technology to help members take communication further than ever. What initially began as a regular dating site, dating com has grown into a vast platform where singles all around the world can find each other and establish tight relationships using a great variety of communication tools. Having been using the service for months, we see that Dating com is dedicated to ensuring that you will have a safe and fun dating experience. This service has perfectly matched “unmatched things” providing singles with a smart dating performance, affordable and customized communication tools.



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Phone Number: +1 (888) 980-9770

Address: 589 8th Avenue New York, NY, United States


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Never pay for a subscription

Never pay for a subscription or you will be very sorry!

epuracjalo - November 19, 2019
Fraudulent website

This company I thought was legit is full of scammers. I contacted my bank & got a full refund, no questions asked. My bank knows they are a scam. Fake profiles & people who are dead still on their web…. More

veljkomac - November 17, 2019
They steal money

This is how they’re trying to get around being sued for fraud the first few times they broke their own terms to steal money.

kenbei01yi - November 10, 2019
They take your money

I have tried this site and 100% of people that contacted me were not who they said they were. does not do what they say and do not filter the ages and scammers like they claim. They take yo…. More

pcfrancks5j - October 31, 2019
Stay away from

Save your time, save your frustration, Stay away from

raportimae2 - October 31, 2019
It is a scammer's paradise.

It is a scammer’s paradise. For every one actual person that I make contact with, there are 10-15 scammers. I am able to do a reverse image search and find the scammer’s profile pictures, often times …. More

nugengerienefgd - October 31, 2019