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The Love First Date at home Receiving someone at home is an opportunity to share a little of your intimacy, to discover a little of your universe. But to be able to fully savor this beautiful moment, there are a few simple rules to follow:

First and foremost: security

Don’t invite just anyone. Whether it’s a single person you met on a dating site or someone you know through some other means, expect to know them well and have met them beforehand at least once in a public place. Inviting someone to your home is exposing yourself: not only is it revealing the intimacy of your home (it’s your nest, it’s not a shopping center), but even more, it involves immediately the YourLatinMates possibility of a merger: so if you are not sure you want to get started, wait a little longer…

Order and cleanliness…

Get rid of the pile of dirty dishes in the sink, the underwear lying around on the back of the chair, the used tissues on the bedside table. Empty the trash cans, change the cat litter, and don’t skip a bit of cleaning. Pay particular attention to bathrooms and toilets: hygiene is for many a non-negotiable parameter. The state of your apartment matters: you don’t want to run the risk of the person feeling uncomfortable…

Photos, memories, etc.

Also remove the too obvious traces of your romantic past: photos of exes are particularly harmful to new encounters. If you want your guest to feel comfortable, let them know they are welcome in your home and the easiest way to do that is to welcome them into an environment that appears sentimentally neutral. .

Love First Date at Home  RussianBrides Scam 2022

Music: a background sound, not a deafening din

If you wish, you can provide background music. But be careful: it’s about creating an atmosphere conducive to meeting, exchange, dialogue, and not flaunting the 800 watts of your amplifier or recreating the conditions of your first meeting in this delirious house evening. Opt preferably for instrumental music:
– jazz, to give an intellectual touch to your evening;
– electro, elegant and fashionable;
– classical music, for a solemn and romantic effect;
– music related to the theme of your evening (the origin of the meal, the decoration, a travelogue that you promised him, etc.).

The meal: make it good, but simple

If you want to put the small dishes in the big ones to impress your guest, be smart: plan a meal that can be prepared largely in advance. You will thus avoid the stress of the last moment, this half-hour of juggling between your guest who has just arrived and the starter that must be finished quickly YourLatinMates.Com while monitoring the cooking of the main course, and the round trips incessant between the table and the kitchen.

You: pleasure and tranquility – Love First Date

Make sure you are comfortable: in addition to the above, remember not to burden yourself with an uncomfortable outfit (a skirt that is too short or a neckline that must be constantly readjusted, the white shirt to cook your famous tomato sauce). And for the rest, well…enjoy! You are at home, serene, in your environment, ideal for spending an excellent evening in excellent company!

The games of love and travel

The holidays… the best time to get together, the two of you, alone, to go away, far away… leave behind the routine, the stress of work and the intrusive neighbors… get away from it all, dust it off with the sea breeze and tan it a little under exotic suns… Vacations for two, the best invention to taste the pleasures of a romantic relationship.

But vacations for two can also present a challenge, especially for beginners: when the meeting is recent, we do not always realize what it means to be 24 hours a day with a person, even a loved one… So , before you come to regret your eight daily office hours, our advice to fully enjoy your holidays.

The choice of holidays: Love First Date

Once this first rule has been laid down, agree on the destination and the type of holiday desired. Hot or cold ? Beach or hike? City or countryside? California or Laos? Campsite or hotel? Make sure you’re both on the same page.

Preparation: avoid bad surprises – Love First Date

As far as possible, organize your holidays as far in advance as possible: the more you leave room for chance. The more chance you have that chance will not do things well… and you find yourself, for example. Without accommodation for your first night. Which will not fail to generate tension and “I told you that”, “oh, you are always right, anyway”, etc.

If you are going by car, plan your departure time to try to avoid traffic jams as much as possible: this is a great point of contention.

Do not plan too demanding a program: yes, the road to Santiago de Compostela for two would certainly be a wonderful experience… But for a first vacation. Perhaps it is better to avoid the six-hour walk from. The Passage des Pyrenees in the rain with fog at the top. Cold on the descent, exhaustion on arrival, nervous breakdown, breakup before Pamplona, ​​and subsequent adventures as a single person.

The golden rule: you don’t have to do everything together – Love First Date

A basic rule, on which you must agree with your partner: it is not because you go on vacation together that you must do everything. Absolutely everything together. If the natural course of your holidays and your respective desires leads you to share every minute of your stay. Then so much the better. But if Mr. wants to participate in the football match that is being prepared on the beach, let him do it! If Mrs. wants to take a little break at the bistro while Mr. continues to hurtle down the slopes by -10°C, let her not be shy… If you spend your time accompanying each other out of obligation. You will accumulate frustration and resentment. Which is not strictly speaking the purpose of your vacation.

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The other golden rule: treat yourself…Love First Date

Enjoy the day, enjoy the night, enjoy the sun and also the rain for a chocolate by the fire. Take advantage of doing lots of things together, but also of doing nothing

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