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We are still waiting for the Little White Lies detector that would allow us to unmask the imposters. You know, those who cheat on their age in their online profile, who claim to have slept with only four people in their life, or who claim not to have noticed the ten kilos you have put on…

In the meantime, we will content ourselves with asking those who are looking for love what they think of the lies in the game of seduction. The names have been changed to DilMil protect the innocent (or not)…

Question 1: Do people lie about how many lovers have shared their bed?

Daniel, 31: “Yes, if they know what’s good for them. Before, I used to be honest about it, but I finally got it. I had been dating a girl for a few months; she asked me how many people I had sex with, and I told her. For me it was not a big deal – I slept with 38 women. She panicked and told me that suddenly she felt much less sure of herself in bed. »

Antoine, 39: “Being too honest about your previous partners is a big mistake. I have four older sisters, and they always told me to lie. At 20, when I had only made love with one girl, I inflated the number a little. But from the time I had sex with more than 10 girls, I stuck to single digits. »

Louise, 25: “I’ve always said that I’ve slept with fewer guys than I actually do. Officially I’ve had sex with five men, but to be honest I don’t know the real number, Little White Lies and I’m not ashamed to say it, because I don’t think most people remember it. not. »

Jacques, 43: “I’m not sure how many women have shared my bed. Over 30, under 50. I’m not a male slut, I just don’t count! If a girlfriend asks me how many women I’ve slept with, I tell her a dozen, if a friend asks me, I answer 70! Haha! »

Anne, 32: “I’ve been with my boyfriend since I was 22, and we both had sex with one person before we met. That might make us boring people, but I don’t feel the need to lie, and I’m sure we’re far from alone. My sex life is blossoming, thank you! »

Online Love Little White Lies RussianBrides Scam

Question 2: Are online singles honest about their age? 

Louise, 25: “Of course! What’s the point of Little White Lies about it? »

Daniel, 31 years old: “You say that because you are 25 years old. I’ve been on a dating site for a few years, and I’ve always had dates. But since I turned 31, I changed my date of birth to stay at 30. I don’t think there is a problem with being 31, but many girls choose 30 as age limit in their research. »

Alice, 32: “Thirty is a good age to search for love online, because people define it as the minimum or maximum age in their searches. I don’t particularly like lying about it, but Daniel is right, the goal is to appear in the results. »

Louise: “And when do you tell them ‘actually, Little White Lies about my age’? Aren’t you worried they’ll think you lied about other things too? »


Alice: “Yeah, if they’re paranoid. But I prefer to take the risk. If I meet a guy I really like, I tell him my age right away. The good ones always understand why I told canards, and we usually laugh about it. But if a man is so stuck up that he thinks that makes me a bad person DilMil.Co, he’s not someone I want to date anyway. »

Daniel: “If I meet a woman and realize that I won’t see her again, I don’t bother to tell her the truth. It’s no use. »

Louise: “But those who take more than 10 years off? It’s really dodgy, isn’t it? »

Daniel: “Yes, of course. Lying about a decade is pretty sad. I’m sure some do, but I don’t understand how they get away with it once in the company of the person. »

Jacques: “When I met my girlfriend online, I was convinced that she had lied about her age, because I thought all women did. She had to show me her passport for me to believe her. »

Laura, 32: “I didn’t lie when I signed up for a dating site, but I thought about it. Eventually I told the truth because I didn’t want to date a man who thought I looked old for my age! »

Question 3: What other little lies are you making up in this situation? 

Daniel: “Thank you for the invitation, I would love to meet your parents. »

Louisa: “Haha! Yes, and “I love your friends”. »

Alice: “’It’s the first time I’ve done this’ and ‘I’m not ready for a relationship’. »

Daniel: “And ‘Next time I invite you.’ »

Alice: “I can’t believe you just said that! I hope that no man will read this article, it could give him bad ideas. »

Laura: “And that: ‘I love this movie’, or this book, this TV show…”

Alice: “Or that football team! »

Jacques: “’It was marvellous, my darling’. »

Question 4: Can you sometimes lie when you are in a serious relationship?

Jacques: “We can’t, we have to do it!” It is vital ! If your girlfriend asks you if she has gained weight and you answer “yes”, what effect do you think it will have on her? »

Alice: “I agree. Canards are essential. It’s like when you pretend to like a present your boyfriend gave you. It’s about keeping the peace and making sure he’s happy. »

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Louise: “But if you tell her that you like the gift, or that this outfit suits her well when it doesn’t, you don’t really get to know each other… I prefer to be honest. »

Alice: “He has ways of doing it. You don’t have to say “wow, that’s the greatest gift in the world”, but you don’t have to be brutally honest either. Just make sure you’re super enthusiastic about the gifts you really like, and he’ll get the message. 

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