Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Getting into A Relationship

Choosing the right partner is Getting into A Relationship not a decision about what pizza you order in a restaurant. After all, a partner is a person with whom you will potentially eat more than 18,000 meals, tell her about her day 9,000 times, spend a hundred larger holidays and holidays with her, and her presence will reflect on every aspect of your life or add strength and lighting up the next days or make them more difficult and you will have less energy.

Most people will tell you that you must be guided by your feelings. When deciding to be with someone. I think it’s a good start, but the problem is that falling in love with someone doesn’t automatically mean that they are the right one for you. It’s possible to fall in love with someone. Who has totally different goals or beliefs that go against yours. You can also love someone who will treat you to anything but happiness.

Therefore, if you want to enter into a relationship that will be good for you, answer five more questions.

1. Do you like this person?

Not whether you love her, because honey can strongly disturb the image. I mean, do you like how this person lives, how they behave in everyday life. Or how they feel about the people around them. Evaluate all the touching gestures and minor flaws that years later become the murder motive.

When you start dating someone, it doesn’t seem to be the most important thing. But the opposite is true, because the basic building blocks of a relationship are, above all, ordinary moments. If you can’t look at someone with tenderness in them, that’s a very bad prognosis.

2. Do your lives fit together? – Getting into A Relationship

There are tons of great people with only one drawback – they’re not for us.

You will judge this by asking if you have similar views on work, family relationships, the importance of money, showing affection, or attitudes towards children.

If not, be problematic. Because you see, it’s great, if the other person looks beautiful, you feel good with her and you want to run to her, but when you would like to run to her at the time of death, and he would regret that you didn’t travel more, and he didn’t achieve more professionally, DilMil then in this relationship, probably neither of you will get what he really wants to be fulfilled.

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Getting into A Relationship

3. Does being with this person require sacrifice?

One of the most important elements of falling in love is that you forget your selfishness. You are able to push your needs into the background and focus on the other person’s aspirations.

Unfortunately, we too rarely ask about what we sacrifice for someone and whether what we get in return is worth it. This is all the more important as the self-sacrifice in the stories looks exceptionally spectacular. You hear about someone flying eight and a half thousand kilometers together for two weeks and you think, “Wow! It’s so wonderful! ”. Or, you are moved by a story where someone subordinated their personal goals to what the other person wanted to achieve. Hearing about it , you might even think that it sounds like a story from a movie. It may even be so, but  in real life, sacrificing yourself does not bring you happiness – it only makes you feel intense regret and miss the person you might have been if it were not for the relationship.

It is known that being with someone requires concessions, but the less you have to sacrifice for this relationship, the better. Do you know why? Because it means it’s a relationship that has room for both of you.

4. Does he treat you the way you want him to?


Does he like you Does he appreciate you? Does he have time for you? Does he count with you?

It’s not special relativity, but it’s important. Maybe even the most important. That’s what you get into a relationship for, and if someone doesn’t look at you the way you want them to, then they aren’t the right person.

5. Is this person flexible? – Getting into A Relationship

Not in the sense that the day starts with the position of Salamba Sirsasana, but that he can look for the famous win-win solution.

And the question of flexibility is perhaps the most important on this list, because no one is perfect.

There are no people with whom you will always and everywhere be like gears in a Swiss watch mechanism.

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But if, instead of jumping at your throat, you can say, “Okay, that’s not working. What can we do about it to make both of us happy? ”There will be few problems that you cannot overcome.

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