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Symbols of Love

For centuries, efforts have been made to find Symbols of Love the perfect way to express sympathy for another person. Symbols are a universal method of non-verbal expression of emotions FlirtWith and thoughts, therefore those related to feelings have a special power.

In most cultures, the symbol of love is the heart. We decorate Valentine’s gifts with it or we draw on the pages of the diary, writing about our sympathies. It is clearly associated with higher feelings such as devotion, hope, as well as friendship and goodness. This symbol gained popularity in the Middle Ages, when it began to be used to express pure and noble love.

And so, until the present day, the sign of the heart leaves no doubt as to its meaning. It is used especially on the occasion of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, which we can see on many commercial products. It’s hard to find a Valentine’s Day gift without the distinctive heart symbol. Of course, this is not a bad habit – but we encourage you to decorate gifts for your loved ones with this symbol, which will certainly please them and make them,

Another very important symbol associated with the holiday of lovers is the red rose. According to mythology, this flower was create with the birth of the goddess of love Aphrodite, who, rushing to her Adonis, injure her leg with a thorn. The red rose symbolizes a sincere and passionate love. Like the heart, this flower was especially like in. The Middle Ages, as an expression of courtly love for its chosen one. FlirtWith.Com It is now a common symbol of the deep affection that binds a man and a woman. On St. On Valentine’s Day, you can often see this flower in the streets in the hands of lovers or as part of the decor of shops and restaurants.

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Another well-known symbol of lovers are wedding rings. Which, due to their round form, having neither beginning nor end, signify infinite love. For this reason, they are clearly associate with weddings. Which are to connect the feelings of two people for life. The custom of exchanging wedding rings comes from Rome. The ancients wore a ring on the middle finger of their left hand because. The vein from that finger was believe to lead straight to the heart. Wedding rings have long symbolized the attachment and dependence of two lovers. Nowadays, you can often find engraving on them. The names of loved ones or, for example, the date of the wedding, to make them more personal.

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The symbol of love is undoubtedly also the cupid. In Roman mythology. Cupid was the god of love. We can oftenmeet on Valentine’s Day cards with the image of a little chubby. Boy with a bow and arrow. For many centuries, it has been an inspiration for painters and poets. Who, trying to capture love with words or images, often use its form. According to ancient beliefs. A hit in the heart with Cupid’s arrow causes the victim to fall in love immediately without memory.

The last most popular symbol of love is the white dove. His gentle nature and appearance are associate with happiness and fidelity in a relationship. Nowadays, we can meet the custom of releasing white pigeons by a young couple at their wedding. Often, also on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, you can see images of white doves touching each other with their beaks, which symbolize two people happily in love with each other.

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