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True Love Calculator – Where Does Your Love Stand?

Do you want to find an effective true love calculator? Do you have a hard time knowing the difference between a silly crush and the real thing? Could a true love calculator help you better understand your heart?

Our heart can play nasty little tricks on us, letting us believe we feel something deep and profound for another person from when in actuality it’s passion and lust. This true love calculator will help set you straight so you’ll know when to hang back. And just have fun with your infatuation or move in for the real thing.

Fluttering Heart

If you stop to really think about it, it doesn’t take much for us to swoon before a guy. Just look at the way young girls, teens, and mature women throw themselves at any teen idol, rock god, or movie star. They cry, tear their hair out, and swear on all that is important to them that they are meant to be with this guy.

The woman lucky enough to briefly meet this celebrity could easily be taken in by his warm smile, endless charm, and simple star quality. But this is all superficial and shallow. No matter how much her heart flutters and turns somersaults, she knows nothing substantial about the guy he is. The same phenomenon happens when she meets a really desirable guy at a club.

Effortless Passion – True Love Calculator

Think a hot night in bed is a good indicator of the great relationship you’re building? Well, it might be one indicating factor, but it certainly isn’t the deciding factor. Passion can burn strong between people who have nothing going for them once they step outside the bedroom.

Never rush into an important decision regarding a relationship based solely on the passion you feel. Lust is fleeting. Far too many people refuse to believe this. Every new couple believes their passion will live on forever. So much heartache could be avoided if we simply allowed the validity of that passion to pass the test of time.

Sweaty Palms

The old notion that sweaty palms and constantly thinking of a particular guy are strong indications of a woman’s heart holds an ounce of truth. However, it depends on how balanced these constant thoughts are with actual knowledge about the guy.

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Daydreams filled with your hopes and aspirations for the man he might turn out to be are strong clues that this is still at the crush and infatuation stage. If you want a true love calculator to show you a more favorable finding. Those daydreams need to be based on facts you’ve learned about him, not your vivid imagination.

True Love Calculator

Once you’ve learned that he’s not perfect looking. He’s not your romance novel alpha male, he’s not as rich as you’d like. Nor as romantic as you would have hoped and you still want to be with him all the time. Then you’re on your way to something real and special.

That simple sense of ease you feel when you’re with him and the love you feel for him no matter what you’re doing together. Or where you’re going is the highest score you can hope for on any true love calculator.

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